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How Windy Is Too Windy For A Fire Pit? (8 Top Tips For Warmth)

How Windy Is Too Windy For A Fire Pit? (8 Top Tips For Warmth)

The question of how windy is too windy for a fire pit often comes up when you are sitting around the campfire. You might not know what to do if it starts blowing so hard that you can’t get the wood to light or the smoke from your bonfire blows in your face. In this blog post, we will answer this question and more!


Is It Too Windy for a Fire Pit?


It can be tricky to assess when and if it is too windy for a fire. Wind tends to change quickly, making it challenging to pinpoint a specific threshold. Wind can also be unpredictable and erratic, which makes it difficult to judge whether or not the wind will pick up once you start a fire.

The best way to determine how much of an impact wind has on your fire is by assessing the direction and intensity of the gusts after they have formed. It may be helpful to bring a wind gauge when you are assessing the conditions of your fire pit. If the wind speed goes over 5 MPH, it is likely too windy to start a fire.

If you don’t have any tools at your disposal, you can pay attention to how the wind is affecting the environment. Watch the nearby trees and plants. If they are bending over, you might want to consider rescheduling your campfire for another time when the wind has died down a little bit.

If the wind is blowing over outdoor objects or even swaying your body, this is a clear sign that it’s too windy to start a fire in your pit. The tinder will blow away quickly and make it challenging to light.

It can be dangerous to have a fire when the wind is blowing hard. If you are caught in an unexpected gust, it might be easy to lose control of your fire or even get burned by flying debris.

Oxygen is a form of energy that can very quickly create a dangerous fire. In large amounts, it can create unpredictable disasters. For this reason, it’s best to keep your fire pit away from trees and structures that can catch fire easily if the wind blows them into flames.

It is also important not to start a campfire in extremely dry conditions with high winds. The tinder will likely combust quickly, leading you to lose control of the blaze before you even have a chance to enjoy your time.


Can You Make a Fire When It’s Windy?


Yes, you can still have a fire in your fire pit when the wind is blowing hard. The trick to building an effective bonfire with high winds is that you must use larger pieces of wood and move quickly. This will help build up heat faster without having it blown away by strong gusts of air.

Here are some additional tips that can help you out when you want to light a fire in your pit when the wind is blowing hard:

Dig a Hole In Your Fire Pit

Before you light a fire, dig a hole in your pit that is large enough to block the wind from hitting the tinder. This will help protect it so it doesn’t combust as fast and spread quickly. It will also help to concentrate heat, which can help your fire to burn brighter and hotter.

Use Well-Dried Wood

Be sure to use well-dried wood when you make a fire in your pit if the wind is blowing. It will be much easier to ignite and maintain your fire since cured or dried wood burns faster and hotter.

Build a Tipi-Shaped Campfire

Another great way to make a fire when the wind is blowing hard is by building a tipi-shaped campfire. This will help protect your tinder from any sudden gusts of air that come in contact with it. It also helps to create an updraft, which can help burn everything much faster and hotter.

Use a Generous Amount of Tinder and Kindling

By building a large amount of tinder and kindling, you can help to ensure that your fire starts quickly no matter how windy it might be outside. It will also increase the heat within the centre of the fire, which will make it more durable.


How Do I Protect My Fire Pit From Wind?


Once you have your fire going, you may want to take some steps to make sure that it doesn’t go out. You’ll also want to avoid sending hot embers into the wind, which can lead to a fire that spreads quickly.

Here are some tips for protecting your fire pit from wind:

Keep Your Fire Pit Ground Clear of Ashes and Other Debris

It’s a good idea to keep the ground around your fire pit free from ashes or other debris. This will help prevent the ash from kicking up and sending sparks into the wind. Make sure to clean your firepit thoroughly before starting the fire.

Protect Your Fire Pit with a Screen

You may want to consider buying a screen for your fire pit. The screen will help to protect the fire from the wind so it will be easier to keep going. A screen also helps you avoid sending sparks into random objects or structures when your fireplace is contained in a metal box.

Break The Wind With Your Body

If the wind is blowing from one general direction, you can position your body to break the wind before it reaches your fire pit. This will help you to avoid sending sparks onto random objects or structures that can catch on fire quickly if they get too close.

Set Your Fire Up in an Area Where the Wind Breaks

Another great way to create a fire pit that doesn’t have too much trouble with the wind is by setting it up in an area where the windbreaks. This can be done by building a wall or structure around your campfire so you don’t have to worry about sending sparks into random objects and structures.

You can also stack stones or rocks around the exterior of your fire pit to create a protective barrier that blocks strong winds from getting in.


Final Thoughts


It’s almost impossible to avoid the wind entirely when starting a fire in a pit. The best you can do is take steps to make sure that your fire isn’t put in danger by it. Additionally, be sure to use the right type of wood so you don’t have any issues igniting or maintaining a strong flame during windy weather.

With a bit of knowledge and preparation, you can rest assured that the next windy night you’re sitting around a fire will be safe and successful.