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Why Are Coleman Tents So Cheap?

Why Are Coleman Tents So Cheap?

Finding a bargain for something you need is always appreciated, especially if the item is used repeatedly. There is nothing better than getting the best bang for your buck. When the bargain is for a recognized manufacturer of reputable goods, this makes the bargain even better. If you are in the market for a new tent, find out why Coleman tents are so cheap and budget friendly.


Why Are Coleman Tents So Cheap?


Why Coleman tents are inexpensive is all due to the materials the company uses to make the products. While many companies use nylon for their tent products, Coleman uses polyester, which is less expensive, and the material is lightweight, which is also a factor. With the lower cost of producing the tents, the company can pass along the savings to consumers. 

Another factor that keeps Coleman tents less expensive than other brands, is that the tents are not completely waterproof. The rainfly that comes with a Coleman tent is specifically for covering the roof. Other sections of the tent are not protected from rain. Because waterproofing the entire tent is not part of the production process, it results in a lower cost per unit for the company.


The Coleman Company


Founded in 1900, the Coleman Company has been in the business of making camping gear for well over a century. This means they know what they are doing, and they know how to do it right. When asked what product Coleman is most known for, the answer will most likely be the infamous Coleman Lantern.

Today, camping gear, such as sleeping bags, sleeping pads, backpacks, cots, camp stoves, grills, lighting, camping chairs, and coolers are part of their product line.


Benefits of Coleman Tents


Even with a Coleman tent’s inexpensive pricing and lack of complete waterproof coverage, the product remains a popular choice among campers and backpackers. Several additional benefits include the following.

  • Some tent models feature a hooded vent that allows fresh air to flow through the tent.
  • The hooded vent allowing free flowing air into the tent allows campers to close the windows and doors for privacy.
  • Coleman tents offer tents with a hinged door.
  • Guy lines are supported by fabric triangles that are sewn into the walls of the tent, which help disperse tension created by the guy lines.
  • Fiberglass poles on family-sized tents help the tent maintain its shape whenever the hinged door is open.
  • For convenience, Velcro tabs are fitted near the door area to hold the door closed.
  • The flooring of Coleman tents uses the same material as that used for tarps. The floor material is waterproof.
  • An e-Port in the tent wall allows the insertion of an extension cord to the inside area to connect to electrical items.
  • Coleman tents are generally easy to set up.


Disadvantages of Coleman Tents


While the prices may be reasonable, there are a few downsides to using a less expensive Coleman tent.

  • As mentioned, Coleman tents are not waterproof due to their construction using polyester. The material is water-resistant, which will require additional measures to keep the tent dry.
  • The rainfly protects the roof, only. The seams of the tent will need to be sealed with silicone to provide additional protection from water leaking into the tent. Also, to ensure the tent remains dry when it is raining, you will need to use a waterproof tarp as a shield.
  • Polyester material is prone to forming condensation on the tent’s interior surface when subjected to moisture. This can be as simple as those inside the tent breathing.
  • Coleman tents are not as sturdy as their more expensive competitors.
  • Coleman tents do not withstand extreme weather such as heavy rain or intense winds very well.
  • Some Coleman tents can be one piece, large, and heavy, which can be problematic for backpackers.
  • Coleman tents are good for short-term and casual campers who plan to use the tent infrequently. The tents are not a good choice for those who plan to be camping in harsh conditions.


Coleman Warranty


Coleman products come with a limited warranty, which goes into effect on the original date of purchase. The warranty ensures the product has no defects in either the material or workmanship. The duration of the limited warranty varies by product.

Only the original retail purchaser is covered by the limited warranty effective from the initial date the product was purchased. The purchaser must have the original sales receipt if there is any problem with the product while the warranty is valid. Coleman warranties are not transferrable.


Customer Reviews


Once you have chosen a specific Coleman tent or you have narrowed down the field to a handful of choices, one of the best ways to determine if the tent is the right choice for your by reading customer reviews. These can be found on numerous retail websites.


Frequently Asked Questions


For answers to frequently asked questions related to returns, shipping and handling, warranty information, product registration, cleaning and caring for Coleman products, replacement parts, safety information, and more, refer to the Coleman website.

If you cannot find the answer to your question(s) in the FAQs section, you can contact Coleman directly via the website’s email form.


Final Thoughts


A tent is an investment that allows individuals and families the enjoyment of hiking and backpacking, and setting up a campsite to enjoy outdoor exploration and adventures. When planning such an outing, your choice of tent is important.

When considering a Coleman tent, based on the information provided, the company’s products are inexpensive, relatively durable, and there are many styles and sizes to choose from. There are disadvantages noted that some Coleman tents are not the best choice for some situations, such as inclement weather that includes heavy and sustained downpours and strong and gusty wind conditions.

Do your research, read customer reviews and blogs, and contact Coleman directly to help you determine if the tent you are interested in purchasing is the right choice for you.

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