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The 7 Best Tents for Desert Camping in 2022

The 7 Best Tents for Desert Camping in 2022

When your choice of destination for camping is in the desert, you will want a tent that provides comfort and convenience while protecting you from wind, rain, and sand. We’ve rounded up our list of the 7 best tents for desert camping in 2021.

When researching for a desert tent, there are several features to consider while looking at the different brands that can ensure a comfortable and protected desert experience. These include:

  • A tent with a sturdy structure.
  • Thick and durable material that can withstand unrelenting winds and rain.
  • A tent body with minimal mesh.
  • A system to block ultraviolet (UV) rays.
  • A tent that is breathable and regulates temperature.
  • Freestanding.
  • Sturdy support poles made of steel to prevent bending or snapping.
  • Long stakes and guy-lines.
  • Windproof.
  • Waterproof.

Additionally, you’ll want a tent that is dustproof, windproof, and sand proof as well as a tent with a sewn-in durable floor.


Coleman Instant Tent


Instant is the key word with the Coleman Instant Tent that can be pitched and ready to use in one minute’s time. Along with its fast and easy setup, the 41.9 pound tent is made with Polyguard 2x double thick fabric for excellent protection. It has a spacious floor area measuring 14 × 10 feet making it roomy enough for up to eight. It’s also roomy enough to accommodate two queen size air mattresses.

Regardless of its nearly instant set up, the Coleman tent comes with plenty of features to withstand the challenges of desert camping. You’ll stay dry when hunkered down inside due to the strength of the tent’s WeatherTec system and secure against gusty winds thanks to a durable thick frame. Large screen doors plus windows provide plenty of ventilation. For added safety, reflective guy-lines keep your tent visible during the night.

Enjoy more time exploring the desert and what it has to offer with this time-saving tent from Coleman.


Ohnana Rayve 2


The Ohnana Rayve 2 offers a variety of benefits for desert campers. First and foremost, it is designed to keep the interior dark and cool with support from the aluminium-coated rain fly that reflects sunlight. This means an interior that is darker than other tents and an interior that can experience as much as a 14 degree difference in the temperature, even in direct sunlight, resulting in an extra cool tent.

Ventilation is provided by two slots that can be closed during a sandstorm, plus it has a zipped mesh mosquito netted door. If ordered direct from the manufacturer, you can include battery-powered fans to use inside the tent. The fans add an element of extra coolness whether you’re relaxing during the day or sleeping at night. They can be powered with three AAA batteries, or you can use a power pack, which has more lasting power. Hang the fans in a good location for the maximum in breezy comfort. Also, the fans can also be used as night lights, so, you get double the benefit.

The Ohnana Rayve 2 weighs approximately 7 pounds with interior space measuring 7 × 7 feet and 4 feet x 3 inches high. It takes about five minutes to pitch. When packed, it is compact and lightweight.

This tent is available as a two-person model, but a third person can fit, if necessary. For one person camping, there’s plenty of space available for storage.


Dream House Luxury Outdoor Tent


The distinctive bell shaped design of the Dream House Luxury Tent makes it stand out from the crowd. Made of durable cotton canvas with a waterproof coating and taped seams, the 4-season tent will keep you dry and easily stands up to dust storms and desert winds. The tent has 9+ feet of floor space and 6.5-feet in height providing plenty of room for campers.

The versatile design features mesh screens and mosquito netting providing safety from biting insects. Easy to roll up sides provide ample ventilation to support a cool interior while visually enjoying your surroundings. The spacious interior can accommodate multiple campers as well as room for bedding, furniture, and accessories.

Good for all seasons, you can take this tent anywhere, anytime, and be protected from the elements.


Kodiak Canvas Flex-Box Deluxe


The Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe tent has what you need for a pleasurable camping experience. The spacious tent has a height of 6.6 feet and floor measurements of 10 × 14 feet making it an ideal choice when camping with a group. The tent is capable of accommodating up to eight campers. The tent is also available in smaller sizes that can accommodate four or six persons.

The tent is made from hydra-shield canvas and vinyl that is polyester-reinforced and finished with welded seams, which supports a cooler and less muggy interior during the day. The material also prevents sand from seeping into the tent. Its design features two doors for easy entry and exit along with four windows allowing the tent to provide ample ventilation. It is also fitted with plenty of storage pockets and a large awning that provides protection. It is available in a variety of earth tones and weighs 79 pounds.

The Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow is considered a 4-season tent and usable in any terrain. With its heavy-duty construction, it efficiently blocks dust, provides shelter and shade from the sun’s penetrating rays, keeps the interior cool during the day, and warm in the evening.

The tent uses stakes to secure it to the ground and measure about one-foot in length. These stakes are fine for non-windy outings. If the area where you will be camping is known for strong wind activity, it is a good idea to purchase longer sand stakes to secure the tent.

Because of its durable construction, the Flex Bow tent is an investment and one that can provide camping shelter for many years.


Kodiak Canvas Swag Tent


For single comfort, Kodiak’s Canvas Swag Tent is the perfect partner for desert camping. At 17.5 pounds, it is versatile and convenient to use. When it’s time to go, the tent easily rolls up to be carried.

The compact tent has everything you need for a comfortable experience. It is constructed with durable Hydra-shield cotton duck canvas material and fitted with storage pockets to help maximize the interior space.

The compact tent measures 6.8 × 3 feet. It is easy to set up, watertight, breathable, and includes a comfortable foam mattress. It is capable of withstanding strong desert winds, rough terrain, and is capable of temperature management. If you’re looking for portability and convenience, this tent is a good choice.


Quechua Fresh and Black


When you want set-up time fast and quick, the Quechua Fresh and Black tent with its pop up design takes just a few seconds to be fully operational. The tent is constructed with the fresh and black patented technology that is designed for the ultimate in comfort. The fresh and black system creates the perfect oasis in the desert for restful sleep.  You’ll stay cool even in the highest heat levels during the day. If you want to take a nap after a hike, do so with the assurance daylight sun rays are blocked out by 99 percent.

Ventilation allowing good air flow isn’t a problem with the large openings situated on either side of the tent. If a sandstorm is on the horizon, or rain is on the way, the openings have a drop-down cover to keep you protected.

For the price, which is easy on the wallet, the Quechua tent has been tested to ensure it can handle inclement weather to include winds up to 31 miles per hour and close to 1/4-inch of rain.

This tent is a convenient way to camp with its quick set-up and take–down time plus you pack it in a flat bag that is light for easy carrying. The Quechua Fresh and Black is available in either a two or three person model.


Shiftpod 2


If you want to have the best of both worlds — camping in the desert and camping in style — the Shiftpod 2 has everything you could want or need for a luxury desert adventure. Camping in a Shiftpod 2 tent is like staying in a grand suite at a five-star hotel and here’s why. It consists of seven layers made of dark-out composite fabric, lined with synthetic insulation, and layers that reflect ultraviolet rays. The result is an interior that stays cool by blocking harsh sunlight.

The thick material provides benefits in other ways, too. When a sandstorm is brewing, simply zip up the tent snugly to prevent any sand entering the tent even if the storm produces severe wind. Also, the thick material serves as a buffer against extreme winds along with the noise associated with winds whipping around a tent. Because of its weight of 67 pounds combined with thick walls, you’ll feel secure even when the weather is unfriendly outside.

If you plan to spend time in the desert environment and want to stay cool as a breeze all the time, the Shiftpod 2 comes equipped with two ports for air conditioners. Another luxury benefit of this tent is its size, which measures 12 × 12 feet in width and depth and 6.6 feet in height. With its spacious interior, the tent can easily accommodate up to eight people comfortably. If you plan to camp along or with another person, you can put a full sized bed inside the Shiftpod 2 along with addition furniture such as chairs and small tables.

Pitching the tent is relatively east and takes less than a minute to accomplish. When taken down, it can be transported in a small vehicle. Its weight may pose a challenge for one person to set up on their own.

When your camping plans include an extended stay in the desert, this tent is one to consider for a more than memorable time spent in the sand under brilliant stars.


Desert Camping Considerations


Camping in the desert has its own set of challenges you want to prepare for ahead of time. Like any camping getaway, you’ll want to know what to expect from the weather. While the tent you choose may be waterproof, you don’t want to spend all your time inside.

The desert environment is known for producing sandstorms and strong winds. Choosing a good location near shelter, if possible, help support the tent’s capability to withstand either situation.

It is also important to consider the type of terrain where you will be setting up camp and your tent. Keep in mind the sand at your chosen destination may be too soft to support the stakes needed to secure the tent. Consider bringing longer stakes, so you can be assured of a stable and secure tent.

Keep in mind when choosing a tent, those made of canvas will be heavier than those made of synthetic material. The weight can be a factor especially if you are planning to hike throughout the desert and carrying the tent will be part of your gear.

Even though tents may regulate the temperature to keep the interior cool during the day and warm at night, it’s a good idea to bring along a thermal sleeping bag and warm clothing to protect yourself from night time desert temperatures.

The desert is home to a variety of insects, reptiles, and bugs. When choosing a tent, one with a durable sewn-in floor adds a layer of protection that prevents these unwanted guests from entering your tent.

Take your time and do thorough research when choosing the tent that is right for you and your desert-camping plans.